Lanx next



LANX NEXT is a new generation on-board weighing system for commercial vehicles, designed to be a “must-have” for truckers who need to know weight loaded at any time and place.
New wireless digital sensors make installation simple and quick, combining the advantage of cost reduction and reduced cable maintenance.

Display of weight always available

Available for ANDROID and iOS devices

Wireless on board weighing during loading

Simple and quick installation

No fine for overloading

Reusable system


It is inserted in the cigarette lighter socket in the cabin and via WiFi technology communicates with the sensors and with the application of the device. Complete with USB power socket for smartphone.


The Wireless digital sensors, which are installed on the tractor rear pneumatic suspensions and on the trailer pneumatic suspensions, record the pressure variation due to the weight loaded on the vehicle, by sending data to the LANX NEXT Hotspot device located in the cab. The sensor only needs the pneumatic connection. Being self-powered and with radio transmitter it requires no cables.


The LANX NEXT application can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store (iOS 6 or later, iPhone 4s or higher, iPod) or Android (Android 4.1 or later, device with WiFi, 3.5 "display). It displays all the weighing phases on the smartphone, the net and gross weight of the load, in kilograms, tons or pounds, the exceeding of the maximum load, even with settable alarms, with maximum precision and in real time.