Wireless System Tpms allows continuous monitoring of the condition of tyres, alerting the user through alarms identified by unique symbols that report anomalies in terms of excessive temperature, too high or too low pressure or rapid drop in itself, in addition to any radio communication problems with one of the sensors.


Protection from early tyre wear
Prevention of tyre breakage, through the reporting of every minimum damage
Reduction of fuel consumption and maintenance costs for the company
Reducing emissions of exhaust gases, protecting the environment
Reduction of wear and failure involving shock absorbers, suspensions and further vital parts of the vehicle
Constant tire pressure adjustment for better driving comfort
Control of braking and consequent reduction of the possibility of accidents


ST (standard)
RS (RS232 serial port for data transmission)
Ergonomic and industrial design displays
LCD screens with large and adjustable display to visualise all informations
LCD screens with backlight contrast for better visibility
User-friendly programming controls
Connect to continuous power supply to ensure full-time monitoring
Acoustic and optical alarm for noisy environments


External antenna connected to the in-cab display
External antenna to ensure stable communication and signal reception
Easy to install and use
Connection cable: 10m


External sensors to be applied to the tire valve
Resistant to water, oil, dust, etc.
Unscrewing safety capsule
High precision and immediate monitoring of tire pressure and temperature
Wireless radio communication


Truck and Trailer or Tractor and Semitrailer Communication Device
Ability to monitor multiple trailers and semitrailers connected
Connect to continuous power supply to ensure full-time monitoring
Resistant to vibration, water, oil, dust, etc.


Configuration of trailer and semitrailer's sensor reading
Ergonomic and user-friendly design
Simple and intuitive programming controls
Wireless radio communication