Technical specifications TPMS

The wireless TPMS system allows continuous monitoring of tyre conditions and alerts the driver through alarms with distinct symbols, which signal anomalies such as excessive temperature, irregular or rapid loss of pressure, and any radio communication problems with the sensors.

The TPMS system includes

  • Choice of two types of display:
    ST (standard)
    RS (RS232 serial port for data transmission)
  • Ergonomic and industrial design displays
  • LCD screens with large and adjustable display to visualise all informations
  • LCD screens with backlight contrast for better visibility
  • User-friendly programming controls
  • Connect to continuous power supply to ensure full-time monitoring
  • Acoustic and optical alarm for noisy environments

  • External antenna connected to the in-cab display
  • External antenna to ensure stable communication and signal reception
  • Easy to install and use
  • Connection cable: 10m

  • External sensors to be applied to the tire valve
  • Resistant to water, oil, dust, etc.
  • Unscrewing safety capsule
  • High precision and immediate monitoring of tire pressure and temperature
  • Wireless radio communication

  • Truck and Trailer or Tractor and Semitrailer Communication Device
  • Ability to monitor multiple trailers and semitrailers connected
  • Connect to continuous power supply to ensure full-time monitoring
  • Resistant to vibration, water, oil, dust, etc.

  • Configuration of trailer and semitrailer's sensor reading
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly design
  • Simple and intuitive programming controls
  • Wireless radio communication


  • High Temperature Alarm activated when the temperature exceeds 90 ° C
  • Low Pressure Level 1 Alarm activated when the pressure is 12.5% lower than the standard
  • Low Pressure Level 2 Alarm activated when the pressure is 25% lower than the standard
  • Low Pressure Level 3 Alarm activated when the pressure is 50% lower than compared to standard
  • High pressure Alarm activated when pressure is 25% higher than the standard
  • Leakage Pressure Alarm activated when the tire pressure decreases 3psi within 12 seconds
  • Sensor Problem Alarm activated when radio communication with a sensor is lost


  • External wireless sensors
  • Extensive alarm and configuration functions
  • Real-Time monitoring of tyre pressure and temperature
  • Entire system designed to suit all types of commercial vehicles
  • Monitoring of up to 38 separate tyres
  • Integration with Smart Booster for long distance wireless (radio) communication
  • Wireless (radio) communication between the programmer and Smart Booster to configure and view the sensors installed on the trailer
  • System easy to use and set up
  • Possibility of data transmission via gps